prof. ing. Rosario G. Sinatra
     Rosario Sinatra
    Full Professor
    Applied Mechanics

     Deputy Rector for the development policies in
     the Mediterranean

member ASME
member IEEE
member IFToMM Technical Committee for Multibody Dynamics


Telefono: +39 095-7382401
Fax:         +39 095-337994
E-mail:     rosario.sinatra@unict.it
skypeid:   sinatrarosario
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/sinatra_rosario

Ricevimento studenti

Martedì  10:00-12:00
Venerdì  10:00-12:00


Analisi, sintesi ed ottimizzazione di sistemi meccanici. Cinematica, dinamica e design di robot seriali e paralleli. Dinamica multibody.


Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems,
(Laurea Magistrale in Automation Engineering and Control of Complex Systems - LM-25)

(Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Meccanica, LM-33).

Main journal papers

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